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Glendora Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement

Sewer Line Rehabilitation in San Dimas

When your sewer line needs to be replaced, you shouldn’t have to worry about excavating your yard and destroying your lawn and landscape. Good News Plumbing & Drain Inc. offers trenchless sewer pipe replacement in Glendora, San Dimas, and surrounding areas. We use the most efficient, cost-effective, and minimally invasive method for restoring your sewer line.

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Signs of a Sewer Line Problem

When the main sewer line is damaged, you may notice that the water is draining slower than normal in the drains throughout your home. Depending on the nature and extent of the problem, you could have sewage backups in the drains, the odor of sewage in your home, sinkholes, water in the yard even when the weather has been dry, and damage to the foundation.

Sewer line damage may be caused by:

  • Tree roots growing into the line
  • The ground shifting
  • Corrosion
  • Deterioration due to age
  • Inferior pipe materials
  • Improper installation

Our technicians can evaluate the overall condition of your sewer line to help you determine if replacing the line is the most efficient way to handle your unique problem. We have more than two decades of experience in the plumbing industry and the tools needed to precisely identify and solve all types of problems with sewer lines and provide efficient trenchless sewer pipe replacement in Glendora.

The Most Effective Methods

Whatever is causing the problem, swift action is needed to minimize the damage to your property and restore the function of your sewer line. We use several different methods for trenchless sewer pipe replacement in Glendora, depending on the damage to the pipe.

Our trenchless services include:

  • Mechanical spot repair: Spot repair is applied to the area where the pipe is damaged to restore the structural integrity of the pipe.

  • Pipe bursting: The existing pipe is fractured, as a new pipe is pulled through the ground to replace it.

  • Sewer replacement: We can completely replace the sewer line without excavating your yard.

  • Pipe lining: A new liner is pulled into the existing pipe and heat or pressure is used to force the liner to expand to fill the pipe to reinforce the inside of the pipe.

Trenchless methods offer several key benefits. This method is faster and more cost-effective than traditional methods that required excavation to replace sewer pipes. In addition, trenchless methods are less invasive and won’t cause significant damage to your landscape.

Have Your Sewer Line Inspected

If you have noticed signs that indicate a potential problem with the underground sewer line, you should not wait to have your sewer pipe inspected by a professional. Waiting to deal with the problem can result in sewage backing up into your home, which is unsanitary and causes serious property damage. We offer same-day and emergency service in the local area.

After we have inspected your sewer line, our technicians will explain the problem and the options for rehabilitating your sewer line. We can fully explain the work that is needed, so you know what to expect. From the initial inspection until the work is finished, we will take care of your property like it was our own.

Please contact us today to arrange an inspection of your sewer line.

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